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Whether you’re looking for a firearm for hunting, self-defense or target practice, Shooting Sports can help you find the perfect gun for your needs. Our team has the knowledge and experience to match you with a firearm that you feel comfortable and confident with.

Here at Shooting Sports, our top priority is to guide you through the process of finding exactly what you’re searching for. If you’re looking for an item that we don’t currently have in stock at our shop, we will do our best to order the product for you. If we aren’t able to order it, we’ll provide you names of other retailers that might carry it.

New Firearm Purchases

When you purchase a new firearm with a scope package from Shooting Sports, we will give you free labor set-up on Scope Mounting and Bore Sighting. Our team will expertly mount your scope, and perfectly align your firearm barrel’s bore axis with the target to enhance your focus and accuracy.

Note: You must pay for all necessary rings and/or mounts. Free labor set-up for scope mounting does not apply if the firearm needs to be drilled and/or tapped. Sight-in of the firearm is available for an extra charge.

Rifles, Shotguns, & Handguns

We want to provide our customers with quality firearms that fit all your needs. At Shooting Sports, we have guns available from several reputable companies:

Browning has been supplying gun-enthusiasts with rifles, shotguns, rimfires and pistols for over 100 years. They aim to provide customers with firearms that have maximum performance and real-world reliability.

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Winchester’s lineup of shotguns and rifles are crafted with balance and accuracy in mind. Their rugged and dependable guns are a great choice for any hunter or target-shooter.

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Benelli’s exceptional reliability and forward-thinking innovation style is what allows them to consistently provide shooters and hunters with shotguns and rifles that you can carry with pride.

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Ruger is a leading manufacturer in the firearms industry. With a wide selection of American-made products, they aim to fit customers with a gun that matches their lifestyle.

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Glock is a trusted industry name that offers a variety of high-quality pistols. Their guns are engineered with safety, usability and affordability in mind.

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Since Springfield Armory’s start in 1777, they’ve been establishing their reputation in the firearm industry by creating guns that are reliable, durable, and fit all of your specifications.

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